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Project Description
The Panoramic Camera Head (aka Pano Head) is a rotating platform for a camera that mounts on a tripod and is controlled from your Windows Phone 8 device over Bluetooth. You can use it to take a series of pictures that you can then stitch up with Photosynth.  It will turn the camera a few degrees, take a picture, and repeat until done. You control how to rotate and how many pictures to take.

The assembled Pano Head

The Pano Head is operated using the Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer toolkit developed with Visual Studio (or Express) 2010 C#.  The Gadgeteer toolkit is an open source and open hardware framework of working with electronic devices that connect in a modular fashion.

The Gadgeteer app is controlled over Bluetooth SPP by a Windows Phone 8 app developed with Visual Studio 2012 (or Express) and the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

Please see the full Coding4Fun article for more details on how this project was created.  The article describes how to wire up a shutter release for a Panasonic camera, but this will work for most cameras that support a wired remote.

The source code for the Gadgeteer app to drive the Panoramic Tripod Head is provided here .

Gadgeteer Designer in VS 2010

Also included is the source code for the Windows Phone 8 app to control the Gadgeteer app:

Images taken by your camera can be processed with the Photosynth desktop apps to generate 360° panorama like this one:


Shakey-Cam footage of the Pano Head in operation can be viewed here.

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